Friday, May 1, 2015

The True Definition Of A Smart Classroom

The technological advancements have revamped many old habits, we used to chase in earlier times. The education system of today is witnessing a sea-change. The classrooms, with the help of smart gadgets and learning techniques, are producing smart and brilliant futures of the nation.
But what are these classrooms like? The following snippets talk about the nature of these new-age classrooms -
Smart Learning EnvironmentSmart classroom is a classroom that optimizes smart teaching methodologies that is easy for the students to learn. These study halls follow a unique pedagogical approach. They have their own study materials and learning content, based on the set syllabus of the respective education board. The students are taught using animations and charts that make them understand their lessons pretty easily &effectively. The learning environment encourages the dialogue between the teacher and the students, which results in effective learning; hence, brighter future.
Smart Gadgets – A smart school is equipped with gadgets, like projectors, computers, and multimedia speakers to play educational videos and animations. Charts, images, and study materials are also displayed via projectors. Some smart schools are optimizing tablets that teachers use to educate the scholars. These tablets come pre-installed with software and learning material, which enables smart learning.

These technology-enabled classrooms portray game-based,fun-filled thematic learning, which interests the learners, and makes them smarter. And, this is what the true definition of a smart classroom is!